Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pin Me!

I had a request to be able to "Pin" this blog (using www.pinterest.com), so you should now be able to pin it for the future!


  1. I would like to know more. Do you put these bell charts on big posters? How do you teach the children?

  2. I don't put these on charts because I don't like carrying around bulky items to and from church. I simply keep my songs in a 3 ring binder in a page protector and then use magnets to put them up on the chalk board. Then I have the kids come up and play them. For the little ones I end up pointing at them when it it time to play, but for the bigger ones I just have to point at the page as we go along. I do know that there are some that prefer it on posters, but mine would just get ruined before I even got it to church! This way it fits nicely in my bag with my bells.

  3. Hi! I left a comment this morning on your blog because I couldn't figure out how to print these pages for free as you state on your blog. I had to pay a $9 membership fee to Scribd to be able to print them. Is that how everyone else is printing them? I tried to cut and paste them to a Word doc but it would only copy the first page of the song. Help!